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Album: Choice Cuts
Genre: 1970's, Funk, R&B/Soul
Mood: Fun, Funky, Pleading, Sexy, Energetic
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Album: The Mississippi Blues Child
Genre: Blues
Mood: Upbeat
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Betty & Charles
Genre: 1960's, Early R&B, R&B/Soul
Mood: Ballad, Confessional, Dramatic
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Album: All Because Of Your Love
Genre: R&B
Mood: Ballad, Danceable
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Album: All Righty! The Apollo Recordings 1951-1955
Genre: Doo Wop, Jump Blues, R&B/Swing/Doo-wop
Mood: Energetic, Upbeat, Danceable
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Genre: 1970's, Disco, R&B / Funk, Soul And R&B / Dance / Funk
Mood: Danceable, Funky, Party
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Album: Delta Vision
Genre: Blues, Pop/Rock
Mood: Dreamy
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Genre: 1970's
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Genre: R&B/Soul
Mood: Energetic
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